Read the Job Description BEFORE applying!

Read the Job Description fully and carefully before you apply.

It’ll save you time, aggravation (when the recruiter doesn’t respond) and disappointment. If you don’t meet the most important requirements DO NOT apply.

If you do meet the requirements, ensure your cv is tailored to the Job Description (JD) and it clearly indicates the requirements needed.

The advice I always give my candidates …

“everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) that is on the job brief, needs to reflect on your cv, ONLY IF you’ve had experience in it before. Put in your own words, with your own unique experiences around each applicable point – it NEEDS to be on there. Literally take it line for line”

Remember …

You need to tweak and adjust your cv according to each specific job you’re applying for. You need to know it isn’t always the hiring manager that reviews your cv first either. HR looks at your cv first, they could very well be looking for key words / similarities to the job brief in order to potentially short list your cv. If they don’t see it, you could loose out on being interviewed. That simple. Never ever assume they will know what you mean … or even that I will know what you mean, when reviewing your cv.

Sure it takes time re-adjusting your cv, ask yourself this “how badly do I want an interview?” Candidates of mine who’ve taken the time to put in the effort with their cv are the ones that get the interviews. (that’s more than 80% of the battle won in my books)

Put yourself in the shoes of the person short listing cv’s. They are looking for the most suitable candidate. This is measured by comparing your cv to their JD. Recruiters have been given a set of criteria, so as best you can, just give it back to them!

Summary should be where your value add lies – ie why you, based on what?

Qualifications should have date obtained and Institution

Companies worked at should have a brief description of what the company does, month and year you started and finished there, and reason for leaving. Then bullet points of specific duties you are /were responsible for.

The clearer your application is laid out the better. No formatting, keep it simple.

Learn How To Write a Good CV

Recruiters go through tons of ad response a day, and if you’re not right they’ll just delete the email. Nothing personal against you, heck they don’t even know you; BUT they don’t have time to hit reply and explain why you’re regretted or not successful for a particular role.

Need advice on this subject, feel free to engage with me.